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Co-IRIS and Gerlach Press invite book proposals for a new series on “Islam and International Relations.”

The book series is a partnership between Co-IRIS and Gerlach Press (an academic publisher specialized on the Middle East and Islamic Studies).

The series addresses the role of Islam in the study and practice of the ‘international’, in terms of both conventional relations among modern states and a broader view on interactions among humans and their societies that go beyond their locality. It aims to provide a platform for advancing research on Islam and the ‘international’ with the aim to develop and sustain a body of knowledge that addresses the theories and practices of the Islamic civilization and of Muslim societies as regards international affairs, and hence enriches and diversifies the disciplines of International Relations and Geopolitics with contributions from Islamic history and thought.


Dear Co-IRISmates,

Thank you for participating and attending to our panels at SeSaMO in Venice, Italy on 16-17 January 2015 and at ISA in New Orleans, USA on 18-21 February 2015. We are looking forward to seeing and working with you again. For further details regarding our upcoming events please click here and click planned projects.

Yours truly,

Your Co-IRIS Team: Dr. Deina Abdelkader, Dr. Raffaele Mauriello, and Dr. Nassef Manabilang Adiong.