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The Islam and International Relations series is a partnership between Co-IRIS and Gerlach Press. Co-IRIS is an organization that promotes and advances research on Islam and International Relations. Gerlach Press is an academic publisher specialized on the Middle East and Islamic Studies.

Series Editors: Nassef Manabilang AdiongRaffaele Mauriello, and Deina Abdelkader

The series will publish books that addresses the role of Islam in the study and practice of the ‘international’, in terms of both conventional relations among modern states and a broader view on interactions among humans and their societies that go beyond their locality. It aims to provide a platform for advancing research on Islam and the ‘international’ with the aim to develop and sustain a body of knowledge that addresses the theories and practices of the Islamic civilization and of Muslim societies as regards international affairs, and hence enriches and diversifies the disciplines of International Relations and Geopolitics with contributions from Islamic history and thought.

We welcome book proposals in areas such as:
Islamic theories of international relations   •   Islam in International Relations theories   •   Islamic Studies and International Studies   •   Islamic Studies and Area Studies   •   Islamic approaches to world politics   •   Islam and foreign policy   •   Islam and diplomacy   •   Islam and geopolitics   •   Islam and Security Studies   •   Islam and post-colonial international relations   •   Islam and global development studies   •   Islam and international law   •   Islam and international political economy   •   Islam and international political sociology   •   Islam and human rights   •   Islam and international organizations

Please email your inquiries and/or book proposals to and include carbon copies to,, and

All book proposals should include the following:

  • The proposed title of the book.
  • A description of the book (between 400 and 700 words) that explains its rationale, scope, significance to the series, its relations to competing works, and notable contribution to existing scholarship.
  • A table of contents with chapter summaries.
  • Estimated word length for the whole book, its proposed completion date, and description of its target readership.
  • Optional: one or two sample chapters.
  • Complete curriculum vitae of the author(s).